Obesity increasing due to modern food

Studies have shown that over the last few decades the total percentage of obese individuals has increased at a fast pace. This increase has mostly taken place in the developed nations of the world such as United Kingdom, United States, etc. This condition of obesity has gained the status of a big public health problem in all nations, especially the developed ones. The condition of obesity carries a direct link with such health problems that prevail over a person for longer periods of time. It results in a person suffering from illness, premature health, diabetes, gall bladder issues, heart diseases, strokes, arthritis, fatty liver, cancers, and various types of joint disorders.

The modern calorie intake:

There have been a lot of studies carried out which state that the rise which has taken place in the obesity concerning the health of the population of different corners of the world, is largely taking place due to the trends of calorie intake. The lack of physical activity has further contributed to an increase in obesity. Various health platforms have carried out their own set of analysis in order to understand this situation and make people aware of the possible outcomes as well as the true reasons behind it.

The choices in food:

The choices people make in food depend on various factors which include behavior, socioeconomic influences, cultural, environmental, etc. The food choices of individuals impose a great effect on the respective health conditions which prevail. It results in affecting the energy intake trends, this further interacts with, metabolic factors in addition to the genetic ones so that one can get a chance to determine composition and body weight.

One of the main factors which contribute a great deal towards a person suffering from obesity is the imbalance which takes place between the intake of energy, that results from the consumption of food and drinks, and the total amount of energy which a person exerts while spending it on physical activities and metabolism. Concerning children, a major part of their energy is spent in the process of growth as well as development.

Further studies have shown figures which point to the fact that over the last few years, the total percentage of food consumption away from home has increased on a massive scale. It is a rather known fact that eating food away from home, leads to a person’s calorie intake going up. With an increase in the intake of calories the chances of the person suffering from obesity also increase. This usually takes place because the size of the portions which are served in these fast-food restaurants is rather large. This further results in a high density concerning the energy of foods. Most fast food items are high in calories, high in sugar, high in fats, high in trans-fat as well as saturated fats, high in simple carbohydrates and high in sodium content.

Experts always associate fast food with a high level of the body mass index which makes weight loss less successful and weight gain rather easy, resulting in obesity.

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