Reliable and Hygienic Butchers

Australia is the country which is known to consume a handsome amount of met every year. Australians have a diet that revolves around meat. It appears that they are quite picky when it comes to buying meat. In Melbourne, finding a reliable and hygienic butcher is no big deal. Mutton, beef or whatever your demand is, everything is available in the most hygienic atmosphere. People are always in search of a place where there they can get the meat of high quality in an appreciable environment. For you, we have compiled a list of wholesale meat suppliers Melbourne has to offer where you can find the best quality meat without any hassle.

Following are the most commonly approached butchers who have won the trust of their customers through hygienic and sophisticated working style.

1: Ralph’s Meat Company: This place is known to be a very customer-friendly butchery. The butchers are not only known to sell the best quality meat, but they also make sure that each of their customers goes back satisfied with their collective services. The place is well-kept and clean.

2: Berties Butchers: These butchers are very kind and very co-operative. They always provide very well-made meat and they also take care of the instructions you give them. Customers enjoy the environment as it is fresh. One can’t deny the fact that how their meat is following quality criteria, but it is also available at very pocket-friendly rates.

3: Melbourne Meat Merchant: They know the art of not only dressing the meat in a customized manner but also handle their customers in the friendliest way possible. One can’t expect mistakes from them because they are just too perfect in the work they do. This place provides the meat which has unmatchable quality. They cut and dress the meat in the most expert way possible.

4: Hagen’s Organics: It is the name that follows excellence. These butchers have been satisfying their customers with their expertise for decades. They have become masters in controlling meat quality. Their customers are always very content with their services. You can only expect a healthy and clean environment at their shop. About themselves, they proudly state that “Hagen’s Organics provides the community with organic, ethically raised and locally sourced meat.’ It is a promise they always keep.

5: Prime Cuts Butchers: All kinds of meat are available here at the most reasonable prices. They never fail to amaze their customers with high-quality meat.


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