Why do people assume butchers to be scary individuals?

A very common notion that is engraved into us is that we stereotype people based on their profession. Butchers are people who spend their entire day with meat. All kinds of meat from poultry to beef, mutton and fish they cut and dress them to sell them to us. After spending their entire day converting a living animal into a dead animal and then chopping it into many pieces there is s dread that follows their name. Everyone, especially kids, believes that butchers are the people who would chop them as well.

What is this stigma all about? Let’s put some light on it!

We fear blood, so we fear butchers: This is a common truth. Nobody has very affirmative thoughts about seeing an animal bleed to death. We know that streams of blood flow out of them and butchers are completely normal with the sight. A syringe full of blood is bearable but an entire slaughterhouse filled with blood is beyond the limits of tolerance. Here we make our own connections that since we can’t bear the sight of the blood of innocent animals we absolutely can’t afford to go near a butcher. What if he is okay with slashing a human as well?

Logically, they are killers: Forget about what kind of logic is that but this logic exists. We make them equal to undertakers who are okay with deaths. We think that since these people are not thinking twice before killing then there is no way we are supposed to go near them. We can’t actually call them killers because there is a thick wall of difference between the two notions. Butchers do a great job of supplying us meat whereas killers do what we all know they do.

Butchers are unfriendly: in case you believe in this idea then you are supposed to meet some new butchers other than the one you go to. People believe that since butchers are concerned with slaughters and blood, chopping and mincing meat there is no way they can smile. They have no bright side in their lives. For this reason, people find them creepy and they prefer not initiating any small talks with them because they are sure they reply curtly. According to people, butchers are to-the-point and very anti-social. They are in a hurry to get done with the customer and move on.

Is it all true? Absolutely not! Fine examples are spread in Melbourne, Australia. There you would find very customer-friendly butchers who engage in small talks and make you comfortable. The atmosphere there is not tense and always very welcoming. Butchers are not scary people at all. They are just too busy to make any irrelevant move otherwise you will find them very jubilant personalities. Living with blood and meat doesn’t make anyone a scary person. It is better for everyone to get to know them more closely. You will be surprised how wrong you are.


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